6 Things That Come From Consistent Floating

June 24, 2018

Recently, I completed a stretch of two weeks where I floated every single day and it helped remind me of the incredible benefits that come from a consistent practice of floating.

For sure, my example above is a bit extreme, but I’ve found similar benefits from simply floating once per week (my ideal rhythm most of the time).

It’s important to remember that floating is a very personal experience and each session will tend to give you exactly what you need at that time. Your first and your fifth floats may be wildly different — and that’s a great thing!

As you continue to dive into the practice of floating on a regular basis, you may find yourself losing that extreme post-float glow after leaving the center to get back to your day and that’s only because your baseline drops down further into a state of calm and bliss. Instead of dipping down into feeling amazing for a day or so after your float, your whole week becomes a more subtle version of this – prolonged by each session that extends your routine.

I’ve found that the periods of stress or anxiety that would pop up here and there throughout the week just don’t anymore. My body feels more loose and at ease. It’s not such a chore to pull my focus back from being tired or distracted. Everything just flows nicely.

Here are 6 things that come from consistent floating:

  1. Your body begins to work on healing itself (especially old injuries). Floating has fixed my lower back issues and with this recent stint of floats drastically reduced issues from high school volleyball injuries in both my ankles.
  2. You just don’t get stressed as much anymore. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but most likely you will notice a lack of stress and being less reactive to things.
  3. Your posture will improve as your body is able to decompress more with the lack of pressure points and gravity during your floats.
  4. Your baseline (or “normal” state) will start to shift towards feelings of calm and joy which is something that I tend to notice at random times throughout the day.
  5. Your energy, focus and creativity are just ‘on’ most, if not all of the time now, so it takes less work or other routines to put yourself in the zone – you’re just there more.
  6. You’ll feel way less aches and pains throughout the day thanks to all of the magnesium and your body having more chance to recover on a regular basis.

It sounds like a dream and it honestly kind of is.

Now, it needs to be said that there’s a challenge in setting aside the time on a regular basis in your calendar (especially if you’re the type A, over-achieving type). Not every float will be easy.

But it’s worth it.

I can see much more clearly now the cost of all the stress, frustration and anxiety that comes with not properly investing in my health and wellness. For me, floating is the perfect practice to help refresh and reset both my physical and mental health, so that I can keep going and enjoy my life fully.

* All of this is based off my own experiences. I encourage you to read through many of the other stories of how floating is benefitting people around the world.

Do you float on a regular basis?

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Bryce Evans

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