Giving the Gift of Silence and Self Care

December 2, 2019

When we give someone a gift, it’s a way of letting them know we care. It can be daunting to try and think through what may be received with the right message, while not falling into something they already own or feel they don’t need.

Outside of the pressures around gift-giving, the holidays can be quite stressful and full of anxiety or struggles with mental health for many. It’s also a time that’s often associated with reflection as we move into a new year.

That’s what sets floating apart as an ideal gift that can help provide each of your loved ones with a profound gift and experience. The benefits of floating for your mind, body and life provide some of the deepest relaxation, pain relief and quiet time for valuable self reflection available.

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Why a Float Session Makes the Perfect Gift

  1. Give them a reset button – Stress can pile up quickly without us realizing it’s already starting to overwhelm us, affecting all aspects of our lives. I’ve written before about how floating is like a reset button for all the stress, anxiety and my distracted mind. I know we can all use that every now and then.
  2. Provide quality time and space for quiet– We’re all hyperconnected doing our best to deal with information overload among all our work or responsibilities. For the moms and busy business leaders in your life, it can be a big hurdle to try and find that time to pause. Floating can help to boost your creativity and problem solving for that breakthrough you’ve been looking for. Sometimes though, having time to just ‘be’ instead of ‘do’ is what we need most.
  3. A unique experience and practice — Floating is still new, so chances are some people in your life won’t have tried their first one yet, giving them a fun new experience. Many people are continuing to find more value and meaning in experiences over material goods and a float session is one of the most unique experiences you can give someone. Plus, you may just help introduce them to a regular practice that changes their life for the better!
  4. There’s something for everyone! – The benefits of floating are numerous across so many different ailments and issues, for the body, mind and our lives that there truly is something profound for everyone. We can all use more calm in our lives to say “goodbye stress, hello potential!”

Ready to give a float to your loved ones?

Buy 2 gift cards and get 1 free (save $110)

Bryce Evans

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