Floating: The Reset Button

January 19, 2018

Six years ago, daily stress was piling up. Tension, anxiety, and exhaustion became my new normal. I tried to put my wellness first by meditating regularly, but it continued to grow.

This was before I had my first float.

Soaking up the post-float glow of those first few sessions, I remember being awestruck by the level of calm that floating began to deliver. It peeled back all of the layers of stress that had built up over years of entrepreneurship (and other life challenges), allowing me to find a new baseline. All the benefits of floating resulted in a new me!

Me, Version 2.0:

– More calm and relaxed

– Less irritated, frustrated or anxious

– Less prone to experiencing depression

– More focused, energized and alert

– Free from pain

As of today, my floating practice has been consistent enough to completely eliminated the lower back issues that had plagued me.

Out of everything that I’ve tested to improve my health and performance, nothing comes close to providing the same ROI as a float.

Looking at myself as a system, I see it as a reset button.

A way to pause for 60 – 90 minutes and have my mind, body and soul all brought back to that baseline that I can’t access in any other way.

Think about it — what’s the first thing you do when your computer or phone start causing problems? When one gets slow, buggy or just stops working altogether, you reset it.

There’s a button for that. And now, as with any of my devices, I have a reset button for myself.

If I catch myself feeling too anxious, stressed or frustrated — if my body is too tense or sore, I book the next available float: I push reset.

Whatever my highest priority is after that gets approached in a way that’s much more productive and enjoyable. Calm. Focused. Content.

With the immense amount of information we’re bombarded with every day, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is a fresh start.

Are you ready to reset? 

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Bryce Evans

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