ROI: Why Regular Floating Makes Sense

December 6, 2017

Have you ever come to the end of a vacation wishing it was longer? Of course the answer’s “yes,” but I mean desperately wished it didn’t have to end? Most of us feel some amount of despair about what’s waiting for us back in “reality.” And too many of us know what it’s like to be unable to enjoy our time away—we get anxious because we feel like we’re losing time, precious time that could be spent on our projects, our initiatives, or the quotas that hang over us. We’d get more out of our vacations, but they’re either too short or arrive too late. The bottom line is that we’re long overdue by the time we finally get away!

Clearly it would be great if we could just take more vacations—like a LOT more. But it’s not that simple. A good vacation takes planning, time, money, opportunity…the list goes on. What we really need is a dependable and accessible solution to being stressed out by the challenges of our daily lives. And that’s exactly what Float Station offers—getting away without going away.

Regularly spending just an hour in our float pods, in the effortless bliss of sensory deprivation, will keep stress levels down—and your happiness and productivity levels up! There are also other incredible benefits of floating that go beyond stress reduction that you can learn more about here: Benefits

Studies show that being a regular floater is like having the physiological benefits of a long vacation in a bottle. You can drink from it whenever you need to, and it doesn’t impact your schedule or wallet like vacations always do.

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