Hello Potential: Meet The Float Pod

November 6, 2017

We live in a culture obsessed with optimization, production, and competition. We are constantly striving, constantly hustling, and perpetually outstretched. We believe in new products and new people that promise to help us reach for an ever-moving target: more.

Do more. Work more. Be more.

And then when we finally get the “more” that we’re after, the happiness we expect to last doesn’t. So…we reach further, work harder, and hope we don’t break. But…we do. Like a car that is driven hard, but not maintained, problems arise. And they present differently in each of us because each of us is different. Stress gives some of us anxiety, and some of us insomnia; some of us heart trouble, and some of us headaches; some of us chronic fatigue and some of us pain—and sometimes the pain we endure isn’t physical at all, but emotional.

So then, what can we do about it?

Well, dropping out of the race is certainly not the right answer—we need innovators, teachers, doctors, researchers, developers, serial-entrepreneurs, and so on. Our children need their mothers and fathers to be at their best and to be patient. Our friends and family need us to be there for them, always. And we, as individuals, need to be happy with who we are and where we are…and be on the path to reaching our highest potential.

This can only come to us when we balance the equation. We push for more, so we must make time for “less.”

Enter the float pod.

Once you’re in our pod, you are free. You’re free of sensory input, distraction, expectation, responsibility, and even gravity. We deliver “less” right on the money—perfectly engineered “less.”

Our spacious and beautiful pods work in an elegantly simple way. First, they are filled with just 10 inches of water that’s saturated with over 1200 pounds of Epsom salt! This makes the floating part of the equation completely effortless. Second, the water is maintained at your outer skin temperature (about 94.4 degrees) so that, after a few minutes of lying still, you can’t feel where your body ends and the water begins. And lastly, when you feel comfortable, you can turn off the lights and music in the pod, and find something extraordinary in the stillness: nothing…an exquisite, healing, profound state of nothing—the antidote to our world of more, and the deepest relaxation on Earth.

Regular 60-minute sessions at Float Station, where you restore your mind and body through the extraordinary and fun experience of sensory deprivation will help you achieve physical and neurological harmony. And the benefits of doing it are immediate, long lasting, and compound with more floating!

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