How to Beat Information Overload

April 2, 2018

We’re inundated with so much information every day.

It’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind and become overwhelmed in a sea of unread emails, texts, push notifications, and so on. These “digital obligations” are unending.

The tiny, incredible tools that we carry around in our pockets are powerful, indeed – but we’re only now starting to see the impact (and consequences) that may come with them.

Our always-on culture has made it tough to find time or space to unplug and recharge.

Being near the heart of Silicon Valley, we know the struggle and have compiled a list of our favorite and most effective ways to prepare yourself and stay above the digital waters.

Whether you’re running a company, managing a blog or keeping in touch with the rest of the family – you’ll be able to reclaim your attention and quality time with these tips and tools:

Freedom (app) – We all have at least a few websites that drain way too much time and energy and this app will help you block them to reduce the temptation (or option).

News Feed Eradicator (chrome extension) – One of my personal favorites, this allows you to block out the News Feed section of Facebook on your computer, especially helpful for those who manage businesses, ads or groups. Now you can pop in without going down a rabbit hole of content that started with a puppy.

• Turn off push notifications (iOS / Android) – Almost every app wants to send you notifications and while there may be some that are needed, turning off this feature and finding your updates on your own time makes a massive difference. No more getting interrupted and distracted at all hours of the day! David’s happy he did it.

Sanebox – If you’re constantly getting lost in your inbox and feel a sense of dread whenever an email arrives, you may need better tools to help tackle it! This will help you filter out what’s unimportant and automate the dirty work of managing email.

Insight Timer (app) – Don’t have time for a float or wanting to build a daily practice? Try out this app to help you keep track and clear your mind with meditation tracks, groups, and teachers.

Forest (app + chrome extension) – A very cool app that grows a digital tree while you’re not using your phone, each one earning you points to redeem and growing real trees. So far almost 250,000 trees have been planted by people being more focused!

Floating – It’s the ultimate way to escape distractions and give yourself a mini vacation away from it all so that your mind, body, and senses can recharge. Sometimes, I simply used it as a way to force myself time away from my phone (among all the other benefits). Haven’t tried it? Learn about your first float.

Whatever you end up finding works best for you, all of this boils down to making sure you get outside, breathe in fresh air and connect in-person with your friends, family and loved ones around you. It’s time to get back to the basics.

Put the phone down, close your computer or pause the game.

Just be.

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Bryce Evans

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