A Love Letter To My Stressed Out Self

November 19, 2018

Dear Self,

Let’s face it… You’re not doing well right now.

It’s obvious that you’re overwhelmed, trying to do too much and aren’t getting the proper rest or self care that you need to be at your best.

I know the allure of trying to push valiantly forward to get everything done.

We’re fed these fables and stories that tell us we need to suffer or sacrifice all the time.

It’s not true.

Simple tasks causing you lots of frustration and too much time were done easily before.

Pause and think back to when you were calm, focused and full of energy.

You were in flow.

Instead of an underlying level of stress, anxiety and tension — you had joy.

Right now, it feels like you can’t escape the distractions.

I know that it feels like you don’t have any time for anything right now.

As if giving yourself an hour to rest, recover and recharge seems ridiculous.

But that’s exactly what you need.

Everything is building up and snowballing into bigger issues than you can handle.

Your sleep is suffering with too much on your mind and your life being out of balance.

Think back and remember.

When you were rested and your body was pain-free, you were more kind and grateful.

If it’s hard to recall, you need this more than ever!

Don’t let the struggle trick you into pushing forward only to run yourself into the ground.

There is no glory in burning out. And the costs are higher than you think.

The steady, consistent process of refilling your cup always wins.

Investing in yourself gives the greatest ROI available.

It’s the calm, clear and focused mind that’s most effective.

Give yourself this one hour and be rewarded with dividends far beyond what you expect.

It’s time.

Let go and relax.

– Your Best Self

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Bryce Evans

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