Why I Keep Coming Back To Floating

September 24, 2018

I’m approaching my 100th float session soon, and I’ve begun to reflect:

Why is it that I keep coming back to floating?

My floating practice is now approaching 6 years old, and I’ve benefited from using this tool for my mind and body in so many ways. At times I’ve held a consistent routine of weekly or bi-weekly floats, and sometimes I went long periods without having the sweet relief of the post-float glow.

Early on in this journey, I started to see floating as the perfect opportunity to force myself to disconnect and have time strictly for deep self care. Many of the floats in the first year were a chance just turn off my phone and learn to trust that everything will be OK. I was often obsessed with the passing of time and worried whether it’s been 10 minutes or 2 hours yet.

Thankfully, my float sessions have greatly evolved, and have gifted me with the ability to move past that struggle and so much more:

  1. Massively reduced stress, likelihood of falling back into depression and any anxieties
  2. Helped to heal past injuries which no longer flare up as much anymore
  3. Gave the time and space to work through solving problems or tapping into my creativity
  4. Fixed lower back issues and pain that lasted years before, while improving my posture
  5. Relieved soreness after workouts, yoga or outdoor adventures that pushed my limits

Most importantly, floating has helped to remind me what true calm and rest is after far too many years of taxing my mind and body to build a career and multiple businesses myself.

I can’t forget that feeling now.

It’s crystal clear to me the benefits of investing in my wellness and prioritizing rest, as I have become more effective in my work, relationships and every aspect of my life after each float.

Let alone more calm and joyful.

So now I do my best to float at least 2 times a month, ideally once a week, to ensure that I stay on top of all the stress, soreness and noise that builds up throughout the week.

Even though there are other tools in my toolbox of self care that I utilize on a regular basis, like yoga, meditation, reading, journaling, massage and more, nothing really compares to the variety or level of benefits that comes from floating.

And that’s why I keep coming back.

My next session is in a week. Ready for yours?

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Bryce Evans

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